Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Sometimes Advent can seem to me like a time when I'm supposed to be feeling something that, truthfully, I'm not feeling. I think that's why this passage resonates with me. It gives me a place to start, regardless of how I'm feeling. I just start from where I am.

Question - What have you been pondering this Advent season?


  1. Good words from Blumhardt. I try to appreciate small things every day, but sometimes get lost. It's good to be reminded. This Christmas, I've been surprised how emotional I have been about my father not being here. It's not like I saw him every Christmas when he was alive, but it's true what they say, the holidays are the hardest.

    1. Yes. Even though everyone always says the holidays are hard regarding loss, we've still found ourselves surprised by the moments of sadness that sprung up. I'm thinking of you this Christmas Eve.

  2. I just took your dialect quiz and they narrowed me to Toledo, Detroit, and Grand Rapids. I'm half an hour from Grand Rapids (MI) so this was pretty accurate. Fun!

    On a more serious note, I really like your quote. It's so easy to confuse emotions and faith (I'm getting better about that as I get older), but then sometimes I find that it really is the little, mundane, everyday things where I see God the most.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas, Kris! My in-laws are currently visiting your area for the holidays. I, too, was really impressed by the accuracy of the dialect quiz.

      Also, like you, it is only with time that the web of emotions and faith have become more (though never completely) clear. Similarly, over the years, I feel like I've gotten a better sense of what faithfulness in day-to-day life can look like, but since it is (obviously) so understated, I fear I often overlook these moments.


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