Monday, December 23, 2013

Over the weekend...

I finally succumbed to a cold that had been clawing at my back last week.
I may have eaten oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. I suppose I was craving a bowl full of comfort.
I indulged in plenty of sleep on Saturday night and am happy to report that I'm on the upward swing.
We ate more than an appropriate amount of froyo. Our new froyo haunt has Ms. PacMan arcade games built into the tables; I really need to work on my technique.
The waitress at one of our favorite restaurants knew what I was going to order before I told her. My predictability is also clawing at my back.
The children's choir sang one of my favorite carols at church - The Holly and the Ivy. I just love the melody.
I dug out and tested my LED, holiday lights necklace to wear to work on Christmas day. All systems are go. I finally managed to jog again without pain. Slow and steady. I don't want to spook my ankles/feet.
We made Christmas dinner reservations. It's going to be a strange holiday for us, regardless, so we might as well enjoy a good meal.
I managed to get all our household filing cleaned out and ready for 2014 paperwork. It's a small sort of accomplishment that is disproportionately satisfying.
We took this dialect quiz and dissected our results.

Question - Did you take the quiz? If so, will you link up your results and tell me what you thought of your assessment? I'm curious. The quiz determined that I have a west/south Missouri dialect, which is not too far off from my central Missouri roots. 


  1. I wasn't sure what Froyo was, but I looked it up and saw that it was yogurt served in a clean, hip environment. Guess I am not hip enough for Froyo. I will have to work on that.

    I couldn't seem to link back to you about the dialect quiz, but I found it very interesting. It was hard to know how to answer some of the questions because some phrases were ones that I grew up with but others I have adapted from where I have lived. I guess the results showed that. I had a hot map in most of the south. Having grown up in WV and lived a significant amount of time living in New Orleans, Houston, and Maryland would agree with that. The most significant word that they picked out was crawdad. That's what I grew up with but certainly say crawfish from living in NO. I heard once that most of your accent is determined by where you live when you are eleven years old. I don't know if same goes for dialect.

  2. We, too, thought the quiz was really interesting, requiring a lot more deliberation than I would have imagined. And 'crawdad' was also a significant indicator for me too!

    Please do go get some froyo. I hadn't considered it to be a particularly hip outing, but it's certainly a tasty one. I take the topping selection process very seriously. :-)


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