Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pumpkin scones...five stars, two thumbs up and one big smile

For 99.9% of the time, I am proud and happy to be a home cook, but every once in a while I try a recipe that produces a professional-quality product, and I wonder. Then, I remember that the recipe is the star, not me. My creations are not nearly as inspired. Maybe one day.

These scones tell a story of triumph.

A long time coming

I've been thinking of these scones for the last four months. Pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon - the combination was mesmerizing. However, crystallized ginger and cinnamon chips were not as ubiquitous as milk and eggs at my local grocery store. By Christmas, though, I had collected my ingredients...and fully entered the throes of relocating

A clean kitchen

The kitchen is the room where it is most difficult for me to cope with the chaos of moving. After laboring over cleaning and organizing our new one, I felt that a celebration was in order and recalled these scones.

A fear overcome

Scones are one of my culinary hang-ups (along with pie crusts and roast chicken). Don't ask me why. They just seem insurmountable. 

As a result of all the anticipation, I gave this recipe more consideration than usual, carefully reading all the comments instead of just scanning. 

It was worth it. These scones deserve a place in some fancy tea room. The crust is golden brown, and the inside is tender with pockets of ginger and cinnamon. Not bad when a scone can make you close your eyes and think, "I am so happy."

Note - The only change I made to the original recipe was to use part whole wheat flour (2 cups unbleached flour and 3/4 cup whole wheat flour). Next time, I'll probably try increasing the whole wheat flour.


  1. WOW, you really did this recipe justice. And I disagree - every recipe needs a "star" to bring it to life. You played the starring role in this one... including posting these mouthwatering photos!

    PJ Hamel, King Arthur flour baker/blogger

  2. Thanks for the lovely, encouraging words!

  3. So you really did the scones. Congratulations! I would like you to post the recipe.
    I like very mutch your pictures.
    But where are your old post?

  4. Oh Kalina, I know you would like these. I froze some to enjoy later. Click on "these scones" in the fourth line to get the recipe. Let me know if you try the recipe. And to see old posts, on the right-hand side of the blog you can click on the topics under "Contents" or a particular month under "Archive."


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